Navigating the Writer’s Dilemma

“Authentic writing is the truest reflection of the soul’s whispers, where words flow from the heart, unfiltered and sincere, creating a bridge between writer and reader, forging connections that transcend time and space.”

– Shree Shambav

Navigating the Writer’s Dilemma: Trending Topics or Staying True to Your Genre?

“Authentic writing is the truest reflection of the soul’s whispers, where words flow from the heart, unfiltered and sincere, creating a bridge between writer and reader, forging connections that transcend time and space.” – Shree Shambav

Shree Shambav is a multi-talented individual who excels as an author, philanthropist, life coach, and entrepreneur. His expertise extends to various technical papers, books, and blogs, showcasing his versatile writing skills. Shambav’s writing journey began with his acclaimed book “Journey of Soul Karma,” through which he shares profound insights drawn from his diverse experiences and contemplations. His literary contributions have been recognised with multiple prestigious awards in the literature. In this interview, we delve deeper into Shree Shambhav’s remarkable achievements and explore his unique perspectives.

Shree Shamav, the book’s author, is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management and the National Institute of Technology. He has vast experience in the business and commercial world and has held high positions at multinational corporations. He is the author or co-author of many technical papers, books, and blogs, including the recently released ‘Journey of Soul – Karma,’ ‘Twenty + One Series – I,’ ‘Twenty + One Series – II and Life Changing Journey – 365 Inspirational Quotes.’ His upcoming book release delves into the enigma of death with the title, “Death – Light of Life and the Shadow of Death.”

In the vast sea of literature, writers are frequently torn between embracing the tide of trending topics and remaining loyal to their chosen genre. Many pens and keyboards are torn between conforming to the ever-changing currents of popular themes and remaining anchored in their niche. This quandary is analogous to a ship’s captain deciding whether to set sail for uncharted waters or to cruise familiar, well-travelled routes.

As writers, we are artists, and our words are our canvases. We paint pictures, elicit emotions, and spark ideas. But, like moths to a flame, should we chase the shimmering mirage of trending topics, or should we retreat into the comforting cocoon of our genre, nurturing our distinct voice?

Let’s embark on a journey to explore this quandary.

Embracing Trending Topics: The Temptation of the Zeitgeist

Consider the vast sea of literary possibilities to be an ever-changing landscape of ocean currents, each with its own allure. The trending topic is one of the most powerful and appealing currents. In today’s digital age, trends can sweep through the literary world like a tidal wave, propelling writers into the spotlight with the force of a hurricane. Riding this wave can lead to exposure, an increase in readership, and even the coveted title of “bestselling author.”

Writing about trending topics can be like chasing a shooting star: mesmerising but fleeting. It provides writers with the opportunity for immediate recognition, virality, and perhaps even the coveted few minutes of fame. It’s like adding a new, exotic spice to your literary dish, instantly making it more appealing to a larger audience.

Writing about trending topics is analogous to setting sail for distant horizons. It’s an adventure, a gamble, and a step into the unknown. Writers of the moment, like travellers exploring a new land, take bold steps into uncharted territory, charting new courses in the hope of discovering hidden treasures of creativity.

However, this path is fraught with danger. Trends change like weather patterns; today’s storm is tomorrow’s calm. The danger is that your work will lose its importance as quickly as it gained it. The virality may fade, leaving you in the dust. Writing about trendy topics is like building a sandcastle on the beach – it’s beautiful for a moment, but the waves of time wash it away.

Staying True to Your Genre: The Anchor of Authenticity

It takes time and patience to cultivate an old oak tree, but the roots run deep. Writing in your chosen genre gives you a sense of belonging, a distinct voice, and a loyal readership. It’s like creating a signature dish, fine-tuning it with each word, sentence, and paragraph until it’s a masterpiece.

Your genre, like a compass guiding a sailor through the darkest storms, provides direction and stability. Your words flow naturally, like a river that has found its way. When you write in your genre, your work reflects your soul, and readers can sense the authenticity of every sentence.

An anecdote is like a lighthouse, guiding a writer through the dark and stormy night of uncertainty. Consider the story of George Orwell, who wrote “Animal Farm” in response to his concerns about totalitarianism. He did not follow trends, but wrote from the depths of his convictions. His work stands as a beacon of truth and is still relevant today.

However, there is a risk of becoming confined to the shores of familiarity. Like a sailor who never leaves the harbour, you may miss out on new experiences and opportunities to grow. There’s also the risk of becoming repetitive, churning out variations on the same theme.

The Middle Path: Balancing the Equation

As with any dichotomy, the answer could be somewhere in the middle. A writer, like a ship with a skilled captain who knows when to steer towards new adventures and when to anchor down, can find an optimal balance.

Writing within your genre provides a solid foundation and a safe haven, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delve into hot topics. Use them as a seasoning, not as the main course. A writer can infuse trending topics into their niche without losing their identity, much like a skilled chef who enhances the core flavours of a dish with a pinch of exotic spices.

The key is to strike a balance that works for your style, goals, and audience. Your writing, like a symphony, should have harmony, with the melody of your genre supplemented by the occasional crescendo of a trending topic.

To summarise, writing on trending topics or sticking to your genre is not an either-or proposition. It reflects your individual journey as a writer. A writer’s path, like that of a sailor who knows when to set sail and when to return to the safety of the harbour, should be guided by intuition, passion, and the desire to create. After all, writing is about leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape, not just following trends.