Fluttering Dreams: Oh, Butterfly

“In the gentle flutter of dreams, the butterfly whispers secrets of metamorphosis—of shedding the old self to embrace the wings of possibility.” – Shree Shambav

Oh, fluttering butterfly, your beauty so fair,

Dancing and flitting without a care,

On wings of vibrant hues.

Of yellow, orange, and silver-blue,

It’s as if the creator took extra time with you.

Jittery butterfly soaring in the sky,

Making homes almost anywhere, you spy,

Your colours brighten my dreary day,

As you talk to each flower along the way,

“They are your dear friends,” you seem to say.

Brilliant butterfly basking in the sun’s warm rays,

Your friendship is unique, like blooming bouquets,

Surrounded by a peaceful mood,

You wear a gown of vibrant hues,

As if you were adorned in royal brocade.

Radiant butterfly, on a flight so beautiful,

Let me flutter and dance, blissful,

Sipping nectar and gliding through,

Where did you get that magnificent hue?

So, I can dress and glide like you.

                                                                           – Shree Shambav