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Shree Shambav

Shree Shambav emerges as a modern-day Renaissance luminary, showcasing unparalleled mastery across diverse realms. As an acclaimed author, his literary endeavours transcend boundaries, with impactful works such as “Journey of Soul Karma” resonating profoundly with readers worldwide. His transformative initiatives echo his commitment to catalysing positive change, evident in his award-winning titles like “Journey of Soul Karma”, “Twenty + One Series – I and II” and “Life Changing Journey”.

With a formidable blend of corporate acumen and a fervent dedication to empowerment, Shree Shambav, an esteemed alumnus of prestigious institutions, occupies a unique space in the world of entrepreneurship and coaching. His latest releases, including “Unveiling the Enigma -Death – Light of Life and the Shadow of Death,” and “Optimum- Python Series – I Ultimate Guide for Beginners,” mark milestones in his literary journey, garnering acclaim, and nominations for esteemed awards like Salismania and the International Excellence Award.

In his most recent endeavour, the unveiling of “Death – Light of Life and the Shadow of Death,” Shree Shambav delves into profound existential themes, captivating audiences with his depth and insight. Furthermore, his poetry collection, “Whispers of Eternity Series I,” showcases a poetic prowess that transcends the ordinary, inviting readers on a journey of introspection and transcendence.

Recognised beyond his literary pursuits, Shree Shambav’s philanthropic endeavours shine brightly through the Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation, a beacon of hope for global brotherhood and environmental conservation. Recognised and awarded for his unwavering dedication, Shree Shambav epitomises the fusion of knowledge, compassion, and creativity, inspiring a global wave of transformation and renewal.


The awards received include:

  • Salis Mania Choice Award for Best Non-fiction Book of the Year 2023 – “Journey of Soul Karma”
  • Sahityakosh Awardee for the year 2023 – Acknowledged for literary excellence at Litfest 2023 Edition.
  • Inspiring Indians 2023 Fellowship – Recognized as an Impact Mentor for inspiring communities.
  • Book Honour 2023 – Recognized for outstanding literary contributions in literature.
  • Salis Mania Choice Award Runner-up for Best Fiction Book of the Year 2023 – “Twenty + One Series I”
  • Inspiring Indian Authors Award for 2023 – Celebrating exceptional contributions to Indian literature.
  • Salis Mania Choice Award Runner-up for Best Author of the Year 2023 – “Life Changing Journey – 365 Inspirational Quotes.”
  • Writers Global Feature 2024 – Acknowledged for published works in literature with widespread outreach.
  • The Artist’s International Conclave 2024 – Acknowledged for published works in literature with widespread outreach.
  • The City Excellence Award/24 – Recognizing significant community impact through remarkable achievements.
  • The Rising Excellence Awards 2024 – Celebrating inspirational individuals for outstanding achievements.
  • “Inspiring Global Icon Award – 2024” recipients – Honoring individuals for exceptional contributions and leadership.

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