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Shree Shambav

Shree Shambav is an author, life coach, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to spreading the message of spirituality, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management and the National Institute of Technology and has held prominent positions at multinational corporations.

Despite his success in the business world, Shree Shambav has always been deeply interested in spirituality and self-realization. He has written several books on these topics, including “Journey of Soul – Karma” and “Twenty + One Series–I and II,” which offer practical advice on living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Besides his writing, Shree Shambav is also a social entrepreneur who has founded several organizations aimed at promoting social and environmental sustainability. The Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation, for example, is focused on recognizing human identity beyond the boundaries of gender, race, and nationality, and helping all communities realize their true potential and the beauty of life. The foundation’s work emphasizes “Inclusive Growth and Co-existence” and is aimed at initiating the “Inner Transformation” process for individuals, promoting spiritual and personal growth, and encouraging self-healing.

Shree Shambav is also the founder of the Shree Shambav Green Movement, which aims to create a healthy, green, and clean planet through conscientious water conservation and greening efforts. The movement is focused on creating a green paradise that is sustainable and harmonious with the natural environment.

Another project that Shree Shambav is involved in is the Shree Shambav Vidya Vedhika (also known as Vizhuthugal), which helps students and children with training, books, stationery, and school dress. The organization aims to improve access to education and create more opportunities for young people to succeed.

Besides his work in spirituality and social entrepreneurship, Shree Shambav is also an avid writer and reader. His favourite genres include short stories, poetry, self-help, spirituality, and technical writing. He has several upcoming books in the pipeline, including “Light of Life and Shadow of Death – Death,” and “OPTIMUM – Python Ultimate Guide for Beginners”.

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Website: www.shambav.org.

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