“Under the silvery serenade, time stands still as whispers of hope and healing drift on gentle breezes, touching hearts with promises of tomorrow.” – Shree Shambav

A silver glow that touches the soul,

It illuminates all that’s held inside,

And makes even the broken feel whole.

The trees they stand in solemn pride,

Their shadows a profound and calming hue,

The flowers, bathed in light, abound,

In a celestial, an otherworldly view.

The lake is a canvas of dreams,

As the moonlight dances on its face,

Reflecting the beauty that gleams,

In a tranquil and loving embrace.

The night whispers of secrets untold,

As the moon reigns over the dark,

It’s a time when hearts can unfold,

And find solace in its divine spark.

So let the moonlight be your gentle guide,

As you journey through the velvet night,

Its luminescent beams forever besides,

To lead you to love’s purest eternal light.

                                             – Shree Shambav