Reality and dream become one

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.”

What Is Chakras ?

Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna meet together at six different places. Each meeting place forms a centre. Each centre is round like a wheel. Indian spiritual philosophy calls these centres chakras, and they are also called lotuses.

The six centres are Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna. There is also another chakra that is above the head called Sahasrara it is not counted, with the other six centres. Apart from these six centres, there are many chakras in the subtle physical body.

Mastery over different chakras :

Muladhara: sees that someone has a particular disease he has to know whether that individual deserves that disease or not. If a person has done something wrong under the law of Karma then he has to undergo the suffering in the form of pain, suffering and diseases.

If the disease is not due to the law of Karma, but rather from the attack of some hostile force, and if it is God’s will that aforementioned, disease will be, cured then a spiritual person who can cure can go ahead and cure it. But if he does it at his own sweet will, or if he acts in an undivine way, then he breaks the cosmic law.

Swadhisthana : the spleen chakra, when one has mastery over Swadhisthana, one acquires the power of love. He loves everyone, and he is loved by everyone: by men, women and animals. It is here that people very often fall from the path of Light and Truth. Divine love is expansion and expansion is illumination. The flame of love can be expressed, as an expansion of our divine awareness or it can be revealed, as pleasure. When this chakra opened, the lower vital, the sex forces will try to lower the consciousness of the seeker. At the same time, he can bring down abundant purity from the Anahata the heart chakra here the impurity will transform into purity (fresh). The purity finally transforms into ever-fulfilling and everlasting divinity.

Manipura: the navel chakra, If one acquires mastery over this centre, one conquers sorrow and suffering. No matter what happens in his life, he will not feel sad or miserable. But this centre can create a problem like Svadhisthana chakra. This centre is also dangerous. One can create suffering for others if one misuses the power from the Manipura chakra, and thereby incur the world’s curse. This centre also gives one the power of transmutation. One can magnify an object or one can reduce it to infinitesimal (minuscule) size. Besides, this centre has healing power.

Anahata: the heart centre, where the power is unbelievable. A seeker with mastery over the Anahata centre has free access to both the visible and the invisible worlds. Time surrenders to him; space surrenders to him. If he uses this centre, he can travel to any part of the world in a few seconds in his subtle body. But if he does, then he takes a risk. Suppose he wants to travel occultly and spiritually to other places to see what is happening there. If he does not get the proper sanction from the other centres, or if the other centres do not co-operate, then the other centres may not allow the soul to come back to the body after its journey. In the Anahata centre, one can enjoy the deepest, the bliss of oneness; one can have pure joy.

Vishuddha: the throat chakra, He who has mastery over Vishuddha can offer divine messages to the world. Universal nature discloses its agelong hidden mysteries to him. Here nature bows to the seeker, he can retain, eternal youth. The outer world surrenders to him. The inner world embraces him. We get messages from various planes of consciousness, but when; he receives a message, from the Vishuddha centre, the message is sublime and everlasting. When this centre is open, one receives direct messages from the Highest and becomes a mouthpiece for the Highest. There is little risk in this centre. It is a mild centre; it does not interfere with other centres, and the other centres leave it alone.

Ajna: the brow chakra, He who has mastery over the Ajna chakra destroys his dark past, hastens the golden future and manifests the present in a supremely fulfilling way. His psychic and occult powers defy all limits; they are endless. The Ajna chakra, located between the eyebrows is the most important centre. The first thing one can experience – when his third eye, is opened, it destroys the unlit, unaspiring and undivine past. Now he sees something, an experience, a difference between our experience and the thing that we are experiencing. We become one with the objects or things we see and that we are experiencing. At that time, the perceiving and becoming go together. Seeing itself connotes becoming, and becoming means seeing.

When one realises God, the ones past would be, automatically cleared. The obscure, impure or undivine past, gets nullified all at once. At the moment of God-realisation, illumination takes place. It is like coming out of a dark room into an illumined room. It becomes light where before it was all dark. God-realisation is immediate illumination.

Sahasrara: the crown chakra, The Sahasrara is the silent one which does not interfere with other chakras. It is like the eldest member of the family. It does not bother anyone and does not want to be bothered by anyone. When this centre opened permanently, one enjoys infinite bliss and becomes inseparably one with the ever-transcending beyond. One comes to know that he is birthless and deathless, he is dealing, with the infinity, eternity, immortality. These are not vague terms these are reality. This moment he sees himself as eternity, and he grows into eternity; the next moment he sees himself as infinity also grows into infinity; a few moments later he sees himself as immortality, and grows into immortality in his consciousness. At times it happens that infinity, eternity, and perpetuity all go together in his Atman (Consciousness).

Of all the centres, the highest, the most peaceful, the most soulful, the most fruitful is Sahasrara. There infinity, eternity and immortality have become one. The source becomes one with the creation, and the creations become one with the source. Here the knower and the known. The lover and the beloved, the slave and the master, and the son and the father, all become one. Together the creator and the creation transcend dream into reality. This aspiration makes them feel what they are?

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