The tangible that provokes insight into the intangible.

One day a sculptor was given a rock and asked to carve an image of almighty. He tried to imagine a form that would best encapsulate God. He spent sleepless night and in getting the best semblance possible. After a lot of pondering, he felt that if he sculpts a plant, he would, exclude animals and humans. On shaping an animal, he would exclude humans and plants. On carving human form; he would exclude plants and animals. If he chiseled a male, he would preclude the female. If he sculpts a female, all males, would be excluded.

Almighty implies the container of all forms, and the only way to create this container was by creating no form or, maybe God is beyond all forms. After a lot of thinking overwhelmed by the thoughts, the sculptor left the stone as it was and bowed before it.

The ‘Linga’, the container of infinity, the form of the formless, the tangible that provokes insight into the intangible. OM Shambavism.

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