“I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?” -Shree Shambav

“I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man.Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?”

Why is there a time lag between two reincarnations?

The teachings on reincarnation posit that after several rebirths, the soul will attain human perfection. And be freed from the necessity of being born again into a physical body. Two questions arise: first, what is the average time gap between incarnations, and second, how many reincarnations will the soul have before attaining perfection?

According to theosophy, the duration between lives appears to vary according to several factors – Normal reincarnation, death by violence, death while still a child, congenital idiots, and advanced souls. Souls rarely reincarnate instantly after death. Usually, there are several years or decades between one life and the next, during which the soul recuperates, considers the lessons learned from the last – life and plans the next one.

It should not surprise us to learn that we have had a past life or many past lives. The only ones who haven’t lived a previous life are those at the very beginning of the reincarnation cycle, and the only ones who aren’t coming back after this life are those at the – very end of this cycle.

Reincarnation is the norm for all human beings. It is universal.


  • We are not tied – to a wheel of endless death and rebirth. The whole journey of evolving through reincarnation begins with us at a certain level and ends once we reach another level. However, from the first human life to last thousands of years, based on the availability of physical bodies.
  • In spirit, the whole path is clear to us, and we know what we are doing. Each lifetime is a deliberate adventure, undertaken out of love and a desire to evolve.


  • Before birth, the soul will decide what experiences and choices life should include.
  • The circumstances and relationships will be chosen and set up with the cooperation and agreement of other souls – who will be involved.
  • The major events in life are pre-planned: the birth, the family, the relationships, the career, and so on. These include deaths, accidents and illnesses. There is, however, plenty of room for other unplanned things to occur.
  • The body – is chosen by the soul before birth. The souls are aware of which fetuses’ are viable and which are not. And which are going to be ended before birth.
  • Some lifetimes are explicitly set up for the soul to undergo a particular learning experience, while some for the benefit of others‘ learning experiences.

The SOUL – Undergoes meaningful experience

  • One lifetime is not enough to experience the whole gamut of life circumstances and to make all choices. Hence, the soul reincarnates – many times over to experience the full spectrum of life.
  • Being human again and again, each time with a different body, different circumstances and different relationships, enables the soul to experience the full range of perspectives and relationships and all the lessons that these entail.
  • Through many human experiences, the soul gradually becomes more self-aware, discovers more of its true capabilities, and learns how to overcome the illusory limitations of being physical.
  • The soul learns best through a “compare and contrast” process, not through blind repetition. Hence, any lifetime may differ from the last one.
  • Each human life is an opportunity to learn specific lessons. One lifetime, for example, might focus on learning greater self-responsibility, while the next might focus on being kinder to others.

In the study, the time lag between two reincarnations on Earth could be an average of 50 to 400 years. Reincarnation – would be discussed in detail. In my upcoming book called – “Journey of Soul – Death.”

The reasons could be because:

The subtle body remains in the subtle plane of existence for variable periods to undergo its merits and demerits (sins).

Circumstances on Earth’s plane of existence need to be favourable to complete the give-and-considering previous births with various beings. Based on the law of Karma. The reincarnation of the subtle body is postponed; until variant with other beings with who they have a give-and-take account is also prepared to take rebirth.

Sometimes in past life regression, a person does not remember his previous life. The reason for this could be the rebirth could have been very short, uneventful or brief. 

Children and congenital are said to be reborn quickly because they have not accumulated experiences that would entitle them. Then there are those victims of violent death (murder or accident) who are born immediately. These are cases of “premature deaths” wherein the person is not yet really “dead” because the latent vitality is not yet exhausted. Only the physical body(DEHA) is lost. The person will remain Atman (conscious) and “alive” in the astral world for the rest of their life span.

To understand Karma – Read “Journey of Soul – Karma by Shree Shambav”.

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