Journey of Soul – Karma

New book release – 2022!

“Life is changing at the speed of consciousness, awareness, and change, and man no longer confines or accepts destiny; but applies his potential mind to question the complexities of life and the causes of events.”

Every human wondering, “Why am I suffering?” Why should I? I have completed all of my good deeds in my life… The search continues to the extreme, with the question, “Why do we ever exist here on this earth?”

In this catastrophe or tribulation – “What am I supposed to do or react? Why are we born in a particular and exceptional condition and situation? Why are there diverse states like poor, wealthy, healthy, unhealthy, wicked, or virtuous beings?”

The verdict for all different superficial and impermanent questions, the Doctrine of Karma, gives us some good understanding and interpretation of pain and pleasure. If we perform any action, it will end up either as good or evil actions with a well-understood reason regarding why the ordinance is in the “life of beings.” Now raise a situation with the feeling of anguish. There is something ever called good or bad? All those complications of life are an enigma; all queries are answered and cleared. Once we understand the “Karma Siddhantha – the essence and purpose of life.”

The keyword here is “why,” as in “Why do we feel pleasure?” “Why do we have to endure pain?” Most of our problems will be solved and answered if we can find answers to these “whys.” Henceforth, a widely pondered over the question of certain destinies, though quiescent and concealed for myriad reasons, is quoted:

“Why?” – Shri Sudama, a friend of Shri Krishna, inquired; we, Shri Krishna, and I, the two students of the same Guru (Master), He (Shri Krishna) became the King of this Earth, while I possess nothing, barely anything, even to eat for survival. Now, exceptionally, he sits on the royal throne while I have nothing but a begging bowl and a stick in my hand but inclined to know the reason.

We can take the proper course of action once we know the root cause of the suffering, just as we consume the right medicine when we know the origin of an illness, similarly if we know and understand the root cause of pleasure. Also, we must recognise whether it is because of our accumulated Yoga (fortune) or hyperbole and, if deserving, whether there is sufficient Yogyatha (dis-severance) in us.

The Karma Siddhantha reveals that pain and pleasure are a tangle of life experiences based on the Mano Kleshas – afflictions of the mind.

Journey of the soul – As we consciously turn the leaves of this book and graduate from one part to the next and introspect, we get the sense of seeing the light of truth, “the ultimate truth.” This book will undoubtedly benefit most people.